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  • Korea Herald : La politique de L’adoption (en Corée du sud) devrait se concentrer sur les mères célibataires (Article en anglais)

    Adoption policy should focus on unwed moms par Yu KunHa, rédacteur en chef du Korea Herald – 2014-05-11 20:05 Source http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140511000062 May 11 is Adoption Day in Korea. Since 2006, the Korean government has marked this day as part of its efforts to create a sound culture of adoption and encourage domestic adoptions. … Continuer la lecture

  • Titre "The Hankyoreh" One year later, the effects of the revised adoption law

    By Park Im-keun, North Jeolla correspondent Translated by Lee Dong-ju, Hankyoreh English Intern Source ‘The Hankyoreh’ (english version) Adoption law was revised to help maintain original families, though there appear to be side effects A female elementary school teacher in North Jeolla Province, surnamed Kim, was only able to adopt her daughter in … Continuer la lecture

  • Ending our shameful reputation

    South Korea has finally signed on to the Hague Convention of Inter-country Adoption, an international agreement to protect both birth and adoptive families. South Korea’s joining the international treaty on adoption, child laundering and trafficking has been long overdue, and with its membership, the country with the shameful reputation of being one of … Continuer la lecture

  • Revised adoption law

    By Rami So Lately, the revised adoption law is being blamed for an increasing spate of babies being abandoned at baby boxes. The criticism is as follows: The revised law requires every newborn baby to be reported on a family relationship registry. Single mothers who give birth to babies outside marriage are reluctant … Continuer la lecture

  • Regression of Korea’s adoption program

    By Shannon Heit The Special Adoption Law revisions that went into effect in August 2012 corrected many of the problems of Korea’s adoption system and brought the program closer to meeting international human rights standards. Recently, however, some have been trying to change the revisions that have been in place for less than … Continuer la lecture

  • Encouraging Global Adoption Hurts Families

      Kevin Ost-Vollmers, a Korean adoptee, is the founder of Land of Gazillion Adoptees, an adoptee-centric multimedia company. He formerly worked for two Minnesota adoption agencies. October 29, 2012 The original intent of the adoption tax credit was to help families adopt through foster care, because, as Senator Mary Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana, … Continuer la lecture

  • Adoption agency offers family search services

    « On June 29, one year ago, the National Assembly passed the revision of the Special Adoption Law, which gave more rights to adoptees, better protection to birth mothers, and greater protection of children’s rights. The law will enter into full force on Aug. 5. What changes are taking effect next week? It is … Continuer la lecture

  • Adopting child is like falling in love

    Gang Su-suk, 52, and her husband Tag Jeong-sig, 60, have a big family by anyone’s standards, but of their 10 children, eight were adopted and a ninth is being fostered. “When my husband and I had our first son, I felt a strong urge to adopt kids,” Gang said. “My mother passed away … Continuer la lecture

  • Adoptees help to change adoption culture in Korea

    By Emma Kalka Since 1953, almost 200,000 Korean children have been sent to 14 Western countries through inter-country adoption. And each year, hundreds of adoptees return to Korea to live, work and study. But of the thousands of adoptees and families that attempt to reunite every year, less than 3 percent are successful, … Continuer la lecture

Art de vivre Déco

  • Idées cadeaux : Krea99, Paris

    La boutique de David, adopté d’origine coréenne… Entre design & tradition… 83 rue de Dunkerque, métro Anvers ! Venez découvrir à deux pas de Montmartre, l’Espace KREA 99 !   Entre Asie et Occident, art et artisanat, vous y trouverez du mobilier contemporain, des bijoux … Continuer la lecture

  • Produits coréens en vente en ligne !!!

    page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Produitscoreens www.produitscoreens.fr est une boutique en ligne créée en Mars 2012. L’entreprise est une société coréenne dont le siège social est situé à Suwon près de Séoul en Corée du sud. La boutique en ligne s’adresse à tous les admirateurs et de … Continuer la lecture

  • L’art du maedup : nœuds coréens

      >>> Prenez des cours au Centre culturel coréen !! le lundi de 10h à 12h (http://www.coree-culture.org/maedup,027.html)           >>> Toute l’histoire du Maedup sur ce blog : http://maedupshop.wordpress.com/histoire-du-maedup/ >>> Lisez !! >>> A lire !! En Corée, l’art des nœuds ornementaux, … Continuer la lecture

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