Paris Gathering 2012! Online registration is now CLOSED!



Racines corennes is thrilled to welcome a great number of attendees coming from France and around the world!

See photos of the Racines coréennes’ team, dedicated for you !! HERE !! (pdf file)


The IKAA Gathering is held once every three years in Seoul, Korea, once every three years in the US, and one every three years in Europe, and continues to gain momentum and significance as an international and large Korean adoptee conference.

The Paris Gathering 2012 is expected to continue this tradition of development and maturity, anticipating the participation of over 250 adult adoptees.

Korean adoptees from around the world will gather in Paris, in the great area of Saint –Germain- des- Prés (6e et 7e districts of Paris). We expect people from more than 12 nationalities! “Paris Gathering” is a unique and an exceptional event because: – it is a venue that allows the adoptees – more than 180 000 Korean adoptees worldwide – to share stories, to voice struggles, and to celebrate life together! – it allows the adoptees to find a place where they can continue their journey of building identity, of searching for a community to belong, and to offer to others and the world the best of who they are! – it fosters dialogue between adoptees (therefore their families), and actors of the Adoption scene, in France, in Korea and elsewhere! – it makes the Korean adoptee community known, to the adoptees themselves and to the rest of the world!

Main highlights:

Thursday, June 28th, 2012: check-in and registering at the welcome booth (houseboat “La Balle au bond”, M* Saint-Germain-des-Prés)/mingling time/welcoming night ‘Black&White’, at the houseboat “La Balle au bond” (dress-code casual, in black&white)

Friday, June 29th, 2012: film projections at the Museum of the Army (The Invalides) and/or guided tours in Paris-shopping / ‘Be the Reds’ Party, at the night-club “The Rive gauche” (dress-code: smart, with a hint of glamour)

Saturday, June 30th, 2012: conference and panel discussion at the « Théâtre de l’Alliance Française » (M* Notre-Dame-des-Champs) / Reception at the Korean Embassy / closing party ‘Totally Overhype’ (Live-concert, dance show, Miss & Mister Gathering 2012 Pageant), at the houseboat “Concorde Atlantique” (M* Assemblée nationale); wear something reddress-code: very very smart

Sunday, July 1st, 2012: check-out / walk in Paris / IKAA Convention and Open Leadership Meeting ; in the meantime, open afternoon : take a drink out doors at the houseboat “La Balle au bond”, M* Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and relax ! Dress-code: come as you are!

FYI : Summer sales in Paris and Cinema festival during this week !


Registration info:

· “Paris Gathering 2012” · We strongly encourage you to arrive the day before the official beginning of the event, Thursday, June 28th, 2012 · Check-in at your hotel Thursday afternoon, and registering at the Racines coréennes welcome booth starting at 6PM on the houseboat La balle au bond · Check-out at your hotel by Sunday, July 1st, 2012, before noon *The gathering is open to adoptees and close family members and friends. No need to be an IKAA or Racines coréennes registered member to attend the event *For Your Information (FYI): no activities scheduled for kids *Prices do not include transportation *Prices do not include lodging (see the list of recommended hotels) *We strongly encourage you to arrive in Paris on Thursday, June 28th, 2012

UPDATED NEWS >>> Paris Gathering 2012 : LODGING !

**Booking at the Advenia Youth hostel at Champs-Elysées is now FULL !!! You have to book a room in a hotel, see the Recommended Paris hotels list : Please, do contact our staff whether any problem related to lodging in Paris : **Plus de réservation possible pour l’hébergement à l’auberge Advenia : nous sommes désormais complets !!….. Nous restons à votre disposition si vous avez besoin d’aide pour l’hébergement sur Paris :



** Fees include: – Registration – Thursday “Black&White” party: entry pass – Friday: entry pass for meeting with Holt, and film projections – Friday night: entry pass for the party “Be the reds” – Saturday: entry pass for the morning conference and the panel discussion – Saturday lunch offered by the Korean Food foundation – Saturday evening: entry pass for the Embassy reception, and closing party “Totally Overhype” – Sunday : walk on the river docks! – Sunday afternoon : entry pass at the houseboat for a drink ** Fees do not include: – Thursday evening: drinks and snacks during the « Black&White » party – Friday lunch – Friday evening: dinner and drinks during the « Be the reds » party* – Saturday evening: drinks during the closing party « Totally Hype »* (*FYI: 2€ soft drink, 3€ bier, 5€ alcohol, 8€ glass of champagne, 80 € bottle of alcohol & 90€ bottle of champagne; cash only) – Sunday lunch – Sunday afternoon : drinks & snacks at the houseboat





A huge event scheduled!!! Made for your pleasure^-^



Online registration are now CLOSED since Sunday June 24th, 11:59PM (local time-Paris) !!! *If you didn’t registered online, and wish to attend, please come over at the « welcome desk » before the time of the activity of your choice. Access may be allowed but limited according to the number of seats available ! Do select your activities, prices are the following:  “pick and make your own schedule” – ‘Auditorium’ option on Friday, June 29th, 2012. You’ll get free access to all the discussion with Holt, and film sessions at the auditorium from noon to 9:15 pm – 40 euros –  ‘Rive Gauche’ option on Friday, June 29th, 2012. You’ll get access to the Be the reds party at the nightclub Rive Gauche, from 9:30pm to 4am – 10 euros – ‘Theater’ option on Saturday, June 30th, 2012. You’ll get free access to panel discussion and conference, seating at the balcony (2d floor of the Theater only), from 10am to 5pm – 30 euros – ‘Embassy’ option on Saturday, June 30th 2012. You’ll get access to the Embassy of Korea (dinner plus concert) from 7:30pm to 10:30pm – 40 euros – ‘Boat’ on Saturday, June 30th 2012. You’ll get access to the Totally Overhype Party at the houseboat “Concorde Atlantique” from 11pm to 5:30 am – 10 euros   * FYI: Access by Thursday eve and by Sunday all day is only for those having suscribed to the « Everything at once » option. ** FYI: The ‘Theater’ option includes a lunch, as well as the ‘Embassy’ option includes a dinner-buffet !!   NEW! Don’t miss a Meeting with HOLT-Korea by Friday, noon to 1:30PM !!! The Racines coréennes team is looking forward to meeting you and hope many of you will come!!!! Spread the word around! *** D1 (Thursday, June 28th, 2012) Participants’ arrival “Check-in” at your hotel. To check-in at the Advenia Auberge, please note that you can only do so from 4PM onwards. (Advenia Auberge: 10 rue François 1er, 7 008 Paris, métro Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau).  Participants’ arrival 2PM: “Check-in” at your hotel. 4PM: To check-in at the Advenia Auberge, please note that you can only do so from 4PM onwards. (Advenia Auberge: 10 rue François 1er, 75 008 Paris, métro Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau).   Welcoming night: Dress code: black and white!! From 6PM onwards: check-in at the registration/welcome booth at the houseboat “La balle au bond”. “La balle au bond”, docked at the “Saints-Pères” Bridge (4 quai Malaquais, 75006 Paris, M* Saint-Germain-des-Prés ou Pont-Neuf). You can get there by the Pont des Arts, crossing Quai de Conti, Place of the Institut. M* Saint-Germain-des-Près. Each participant will get a badge that gives access to parties and buffets. 6PM- 9PM : networking !!! 9PM: classical concert with the trio Paul Chung (soprano, violoncelle and piano) 10PM – 1:30AM: dancing party with DJ Pal (Big Cheese Records), “The Groovy package” (soul, funk, jazz and rare groove)


D2 (Friday, 29th, June 2012)

Meeting Holt & Film projections at the Austerlitz Auditorium:

–          Enter from the “Esplanade of the Invalides”, the left wing of the building –          Museum of the Army, National Hotel of the Invalides (129 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, M* Varenne) –          You can choose the cession you want to attend –          For security reasons, the maximum allowance is 150 pers, make sure you have your pass with you –          Please, make sure to be in the auditorium 15 minutes prior the beginning of the film projection. –          To attend the film projection: pre-registration via the online registration form

12noonPM – 1:30PM: meeting with HOLT-Korea (with Kim Kyung-joo, director of the Post-adoption service center and Philippe Lapairy) chaired by Hélène Charbonnier, president of Racines coréennes 2PM – 3:45PM: documentary projection “Adoption: blessures secrètes” (“Adoption: secrete wounds”; 2011, 90mn by Sarah Lebas and Bruno Joucla, CAPA agency, French language, NO subtitled). Documentary followed by a conversation with David Sarrailh, protagonist of the documentary * David, Sonia, Maylis, Anne-Laure, Julian and Sangitta are all adoptees. Some of them were born in Nepal, some others in Ethiopia, in France or elsewhere. They all grew up in a family that did not “give them birth”. Orphans or abandoned, they have already lived several lives and carry on them the scars of their past. They are adults today. They bring us to the other side of the mirror in sharing with us about the joys and the difficulties of adoption and … through their stories, we are invited to experience the journey of being adopted “from inside”; the failures, the drifts, the unspoken and the taboo…   4PM – 5:45PM: Film projection of Couleur de peau : miel (“Skin color: honey”)*** (2012, 75mn, VO: French, English subtitled), followed by discussion with Jung Henin (co-film maker).   6PM-7:15 PM: Film-documentary projection “Voyage de reconnaissance”** (“Reconnaissance Trip”; 2011, 68 mn, French, English subtitles) **Sophie was 6 ½ year-old when she left the orphanage in Korea. She never returned to her birth country since then. In 2008, she got unexpectedly confronted to her past again; she got connected to her biological father, Chang-Ho. As the relationship develops, Sophie decides to meet her father in Korea. She flies there during summer: family reunion, reality check, distances… an exceptional testimony from her biological father, who shares with a lot of humility and modesty.   7:30PM – 9:15PM: Film projection of Couleur de peau : miel (“Skin color: honey”)*** (2012, 75mn, VO: French, English subtitled), followed by discussion with Jung Henin (co-film maker). *** In this autobiographic film, which mixes animated and real shooting scenes, Jung shares about “being adopted”, in giving voice to the adopee and her/his journey. Who is the adoptee? At the end of the day, the adoptee is both the fruit of her/his origins and the fruit of her/his adoption. But the life of an adoptee does not start with adoption only. Jung shares about what is sometimes experienced as an unbearable intrusion in the life and intimacy of the adoptee; the things that make her/him mad and upset whether she/he is in France or Korea. Going back to her/his roots? That can only be up to the adoptee! If the access to the origins is an important matter, it is nonetheless not as vital as the access and ability to be fully, completely and permanently integrated… because the adoptee would rather want to blend than to stand out. It is about listening the adoptee’s voice, it is about respecting the adoptee as a person – an adult person, mature and capable of reasoning -, and it is about giving back to the adoptee her/his intimacy.

***The film project was born in Bordeaux. It started first with the two volumes of Jung’s graphic novel « Couleur de peau : miel » (“Skin color: Honey” at the Quadrant Editions) that inspired the film. Synopsis of the film: “Couleur de peau : miel” tells the not-so-well known story of the international adoption system in place in Korea since the end of the Korea War (1953). There are about 180 000 Korean kids scattered around the world… In this autobiographic film, which mixes animated and real shooting scenes, Jung shares his journey of struggle, living the tension of feeling uprooted and yet striving for finding roots that will connect him to a place called “home”. Uprootedness, identity struggle, mixed family… Jung, Korea-born adoptee, talks about all that with a delicate sense of humor and great sensitivity.
  Guided tours in Paris – The Auditorium of the Invalides will be our meeting point – Please give your preference/choice of activity when registering online for the Gathering  

2PM-5:45PM tour at Montmartre/Abbesses (leave and come back at the Auditorium)

4PM-7:15PM shopping on the Champs-Elysées Avenue (leave and come back at the Auditorium) “Be the reds” Party (Please wear something red) Nightclub “Le rive Gauche”, (1 rue du Sabot, 75006 Paris, M* station Saint-Germain-des-Prés, at the corner of the street Bernard Palissy)   9:30 PM: party opening 10PM – 11PM: dance class – Disco Style, “boogie and fun” for all, by Hélène, President of Racines coréennes 11PM – 4AM: all night long party with DJ sessions (80’s and 90’s)

D3(Saturday, June 30th, 2012)

Theme of the conferences during the day: “access to origins and going back to Korea”. Everything will be held at “Théâtre de l’Alliance Française” (in the theater, 101 Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris, M* Saint-Placide ou Notre-Dame-des-Champs)

10:15AM Words of welcome from Hélène Charbonnier, actual President of Racines coréennes with the presentation of Yolaine Cellier (founder of Racines coréennes) and the Racines coréennes Crew 10:30AM Speech from Mrs LEE Kyung-eun, Director of the « Child Welfare Society » Division, Republic of Korea 10:40AM Speech from Mr Thierry Frayssé, Embassador in charge of International adoption, Service of International Adoption (French Ministry of International Affairs)

10:50AM Hervé Peyre, one of the former Presidents of Racines coréennes will talk about the schedule and the theme of the day “Access to origins and going back to Korea”.

11AM-12:30PM Plenary lecture (Translated in English and French): “Going back to his/her Korean origins: what kind of access does the Korean adoptee have?” 11AM-11:30AM “A comparative study; different adoptive countries, different ways of getting access to the adoptions files” Guest speaker: the Service of International Adoption representative (French Ministry of International Affairs) 11:30AM-11:45AM Q&A with the audience 11:45AM-12:15PM “Going back to the origins, how does it work in Korea?” Speaker: Félix Kong, Representative of GOA’L and David Hamon, President of Honor of Racines coréennes, will provide an overview of the different existing ways (mainly offered by the Korean Government, GOA’L, and Holt) an adoptee has in order to get access to his/her origins’ info. 12:15PM-12:30PM Q&A with the audience Words by the Korean Food foundation 12:45PM-2:30PM Lunch offered by the Korean Food foundation 1PM-2:15PM Private workshop (only for Belgium Korean adoptees), 1st floor of the Theater, with Sebastien Vanderlinden

2:30PM-4:30PM Panel discussion with the audience. Q&A (English and French translation provided) “The journey of searching for origins and going back to Korea, what kind of help/support the associations of adoptees and adoptees themselves can provide to the adoptee and his/her search?” 2:30PM-3PM “Mission of Racines Coréennes, a ministry of presence” Discussion with Kim Linard (one of the former Presidents of Racines coréennes) 3PM-3.30PM “Going back to Korea: returning to Korean roots and Korean primary identity. Needs, difficulties and experiences from adoptees in Seoul and France”. Discussion with Damien Avril, a French Korean adoptee who lived in Korea for 5 years will be sharing his experience. 3.30PM-4PM “Getting access to the origins, what major accomplishments and breakthrough did the European and American adoptee associations help to achieve?” Discussion with Liselotte Birkmose, vice-President of IKAA.

 4:PM-4:30PM Recap and wrap up of the day : “Looking towards the future: long story for all, an intimate journey for each” by Hélène Charbonnier, President of Racines coréennes   Evening Reception at the Korean Embassy 125 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, M* Varenne or Assemblée Nationale. Please make sure to be on time (7:30PM) and dressed up!)   7:30PM-8PM: Participants are welcomed by his Excellence Mr. Park Heung-Shin, Embassador of the Republic of Korea. 8:30: PM Speeches. 8:45PM: Official photo shoot session. 9PM: Hot buffet served by Pierre-Sang Boyer**, with the support of the Service of International Adoption (ministry of Foreign affairs)   ** Pierre-Sang Boyer, is a French cook chef and was finalist candidate at the Top Chef 2011 TV show. Born in Korea and adopted at the age of 7 by a French family who shared with him the love of cooking, Pierre Sang Boyer rapidly and naturally found his vocation. He decided to embrace the career of a cook chef. He has been working in several starred restaurants, in London as sous-chef and chef de partie, and at the Opera, a very well know restaurant of Lyon, France. Pierre Sang Boyer is creative, tenacious and persistent. He makes a point to re-invent the art of cooking by engaging his constant imagination, by exploring new horizons of taste and by always offering a perfect presentation of his creative work.   9:30PM: Music concert, traditional and classical music from the Beautiful Mind Ensemble (6 Korean musicians) 10:30PM: End of Reception at the Korean Embassy. You are invited to move to the next location, the houseboat Concorde Atlantique. Last evening – closing party “Totally Overhype” The houseboat “Bateau Concorde Atlantique” on “Port Solférino” (access for pedestrians by the stairs facing the 23, quai Anatole France, 75007 Paris, Metro station Assemblée nationale, or the Solferino bridge, at the corner of Solferino street and quai Anatole France, metro station Musée d’Orsay or Solférino) 11PM: Welcoming


      11:15PM-11:45PM Concert live by Alya Toh   Alya Toth is a very young and yet very talented music artist from Bordeaux, France. Known as “Little Comet”, she uses music to share her unique journey. Born in Korea, she has already lived in Thailand and in Belgium (where her parents are from), and she now lives in Lorient, France. Four years ago, in order to improve her English she moved to Bordeaux. While in High School, she persued her passion for music in writing songs and playing music. Inspired by her favorite bands The White Stripes and Birk’s Works, she is a bilingual artist and talented musician. Encouraged and stimulated by her father, the cartoonist and film maker Jung Henin, she wrote for him the music of “Couleur de peau : Miel (Skin colour: Honey). Cromwell, another famous cartoonist and punk music singer found her artist name and has encouraged Alya to perform on stage (at the age of 16 only, she has given more than 10 concerts already!). 11:45PM-midnight Dance show and demo by Julian Hyun Rouyre (Black Blanc Beur company; Julian recently performed at the “you can dance” 2012 TV show)*** *** Julian Hyun Rouyre, is a multidisciplinary performer dancer. Julian aka Hyun has enriched, matured and perfected his own dancing style by the different techniques and experiences he has piled up and well mixed in along his dancing career. Former martial arts athlete (black belt in Taekwondo), he steps into the dance world in 2001. Hip-hop, jazz, jazz-rock, “afro style” and break dance, nothing can stop him; he is hungry to learn and to sharpen his skills. He enters the National Academy of Bordeaux, in the “contemporary dance” class. Julian Hyun is not afraid of exploring new territories and his flourishing career builds on his hard work, his active participation in “choreographic battles”, his on stage performances, and his teaching experience given to other young dancers. Lately, he has become part of the Black Blanc Beur Company, for which he helps in the « Chronique de périmètre » recent on-stage performance (2010). In 2012, he participates to the TV show You can dance.

  midnight-00:30AM: election of Miss and Mister Gathering 2012 – CHINCHA! 00:30AM – 5:30AM: last moments together… let’s party until we can’t feel our feet anymore… karoke style or/and DJ sessions on the biggest hits of the moment, it’s up to you!   D4 (Sunday, July 1st, 2012) Before noon, “check-out”. Each participant has left his/her hotel room before noon (you may be able to leave your luggage at the reception of your hotel).   Meeting point: houseboat La Balle au bond (docked at the Saint-Père Harbour, you can get there by the Pont des Arts bridge, crossing the Quai de Conti, place of the Institute, Metro station Saint-Germain-des-Près)   12noonPM-1PM: Walk along the Seine River (meeting point Houseboat “La Balle au bond”), pre-registration via the online form.   1PM-5PM: time for rest for everyone! Get Together afternoon! Share a drink out doors!   2PM-5PM: IKAA Convention and Open Leadership Meeting at “La Balle au bond” (downstairs, houseboat, 4 quai Malaquais, 6e Paris)
>translation of this program from french into english by Floriane Huser<

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